About Us

Fenton & Associates, provide a full range of environmental management consulting services, from the planning stage to implementation and ongoing guidance. In particular, excel at:

  • Incorporating sustainable practices into your home life and business operations
  • Synthesizing traditional ecological knowledge into environmental management planning
  • Planning, implementing and maintaining ecological restoration and regeneration projects
  • Fostering environmental stewardship as you plan new construction or renovate an existing structure and foreshore development (inclusive of Green Shores approaches)
  • Applying green building and project management concepts and approaches to construction
  • Finding innovative ways to improve stormwater management through proactively planning and integration of low impact design
  • Environmental monitoring (EM), environmental protection plan (EPP), environmental management plans (EMP) or management plans (MP) for BC FrontCounter services and their natural resource tenure applications
  • Working with QEP (qualified environmental professionals) for completion of riparian area regulations (RAR) and other registered professionals (e.g. RBio)

Much of the information available on sustainable practices is scattered and often conflicting. We can help you cut through the confusion. With a network of biologists, EOH consultants, and First Nations specialists at hand, we use a transdisciplinary approach that draws from elements of traditional ecological knowledge and rigorous, evidence-based western methods. We seek out the most suitable path for each situation to deliver solutions that promote long-lasting, sustainable and regenerative outcomes over time.

Fenton & Associates are dedicated to helping preserve British Columbia’s many unique and fragile ecosystems. Based in the Southern Gulf Islands, our mission is to enhance environmental and community health by assisting ordinary people, communities and government organizations achieve their sustainability goals.

About Doug Fenton

A passionate advocate for environmental sustainability, Doug draws from his varied background and training to find holistic environmental solutions. His experience includes roles as a paramedicine clinician/consultant, post-secondary program leader, organic farmer and environmental/occupational health manager.

It was the eye-opening experience of working in Canada’s oil & gas sector that led Doug to pursue further environmental studies. He completed his Master of Environmental Practice (MEP) from Royal Roads University in 2018 and late 2018 completed his requirements to become a fully certified EP (Environment Professional – ECO.ca). Highly active in the community, Doug sits on a number of local environmental planning committees and stakeholder groups.

Doug strives to “walk the talk” by living a light footprint in his Gulf Island home. Currently, he is restoring an old family guest cabin using the Passive Home EnerPHit retrofit criteria. With the installation of engineer designed and certified water management and solar PV systems, he will bring his home to net positive for water and energy.

Learn more about Doug’s background [LINK TO PROJECTS PAGE]