Welcome to Fenton & Associates.

At Fenton & Associates, the mission is to help you connect the dots to achieve your sustainability goals.

As the principle and Environmental Professional (EP), I offer a variety of environmental consulting services including:

  • holistic ecological planning and project management (marine/terrestrial)
  • sustainable development of your property inclusive of waterfront (marine or upland) Green Shores approaches, and sustainable/green home-building and renovations
  • environmental monitoring (erosion prevention & sediment control), environmental management and protection plans (marine & terrestrially-based)
  • low impact agricultural practices (small and mid-sized farms) leading to reduced ecological impacts
  • environmental, occupational health & safety (OH&S) advisor
  • implementation of sustainable development, restorative and regenerative approaches
  • research & advice on the development of environmental policies, procedures, planning and practice guidelines that account for ecosystem goods & services

I work with small to medium-sized businesses, First Nations communities, local governments and individuals, and on any given project, Fenton & Associates will utilize/use their network of professionals to augment expertise beyond my scope of practice.

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Client quotes:

“Your participation and presence was valuable on many levels…” – T. Nemchin